It's Official...

I'm leaving to embark upon what may prove to be the greatest adventure of my life in 8 days' time. To say that I'm nervous and excited is putting it mildly. Before spending the semester in Prague, Czech Republic, Corey and I are doing a one-month tour of Europe. Planning has been both fun and at times excruciating, but here is the final itinerary.

August 4th in the evening we will fly out of Charlotte Douglas Int'l towards Frankfurt via Toronto on CanadaAir. The plane will arrive in Frankfurt mid-day on the 5th. From Frankfurt we will (armed with Eurail Global passes) board a train to Berlin to meet up with my cousin Ben and his wife Maria for a late dinner on the 5th. We will spend the night with them and leave our larger bags with them (thank you!), and in the morning we will head to the train station to start the journey. From there, it goes like this... (A=August, S=September)

Stuttgart, Germany (A6) (meaning we will spend the day and night of August 6th there)
Zurich, Switzerland (A7)
Como/Lake Como, Italy (A8)
Milan, Italy (A9, 10)
Venice, Italy (A11, 12)
Florence, Italy (A13) (late train to Rome)
Rome, Italy (A14, 15, 16)
Nice, France / Monaco, Monaco (A17, 18)
Coillure, France (A19)
Barcelona, Spain (A20) (Tyler will be joining us for the Spain portion of the trip at this point)
Ibiza, Spain (A21, 22, 23, 24)
Valencia, Spain (A25, 26) (We'll be heading to Buñol for La Tomatina on the 26th)
Madrid, Spain (A27, 28)
San Sebastian, Spain (A29, 30) (Tyler parts)
Paris, France (A31, S1, 2)
Amsterdam, Netherlands (S3, 4, 5) (late train to Berlin on the 5th)
Berlin, Germany (S6) (pick our luggage back up)
Prague, Czech Republic (S7)

From that point we will be in Prague, other than minor excursions, until we head back to Frankfurt to fly home on December 8th.

For those of you who are interested, I will be on Skype at some points at "thomasvick" and I will probably be best reached by email at t(period)vick(period)06(at)gmail(dot)com

Whew. Wish me luck.