Gone are my over 12,000 songs, gone are my more than 80 movies, gone are all my pictures dating back through college to high school and earlier, gone are all my documents, gone are all my 3D models, gone is my entire portfolio. Gone. Gone gone gone.


So my fat dog just waddled by and tripped a cord, taking my new 1TB hard drive to the floor. And now it's broken. Really. Pffffff.

Miami comes to town...

Man, I REALLY want to go to this football game... Like, really bad. I also have a buttload of work to do before my FINAL REVIEW on Wednesday followed by a totally separate project presentation on Thursday. Wauuugh, why are life's decisions so hard? And I need a haircut.

Some crappy renderings, now with faintsy louvers! I don't know why some of these rendered the louvers as grass colored. Obviously that will need to be fixed.



A Jalopnik post reminded me about this car, one of my all time favorites.

È così bello.

Removing stupid NoFS tags

So if you happen to be downloading a mixtape or other legally exchanged album over bittorrent, and that album happens to be tagged with a NoFS image in the ID3 tags where the album art should go, here's how to remove it...

First, you CAN'T just go into "Get Info" that's what I tried first and it doesn't work.
Second, don't bother using another program like AOL's WinAmp... waste of time.
Third, follow these steps:
----- Select the whole album with "CTRL+click" or "SHIFT+click"
----- Right click on one of the songs and click "Convert ID3 Tags"
----- Check the box next to "ID3 tag version"
----- Drop down ID3 tag version and select V1.0
----- If that doesn't work (it did for me), select "None" in the drop down menu instead, then OK, than go back and do it again, selecting V1.0 this time. You may have to correct the song/album/artist name if you do it this way though.

Then just add the album art yourself by dragging an image over from the mixtape or album's page on Amazon or your place of choice.

Speaking of mixtapes, Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 is out now...
Check it out...

Happy Turkey Day guys.

Guest Tickets?

So, uh, I reserved a Student ticket and a Guest ticket (for my cousin) for the NCSU vs Miami game. I get an email to claim my tickets...

*Click through to confirm*
*"Credit card information?"

It turns out that a guest ticket costs $30?


Sunday, Sunday

I have lots of work to do. Why is it that I always post when I need to be writing something that actually counts towards being productive? Oh well. If Thanksgiving Break could work its way in BEFORE Tuesday... that'd be great.

News? NEW COMPUTER! WAUUGHILOVEITSOMUCHAMAZINGNESS. I would like to point out that rendering a Sketchup model at 1280x960 in VRay would have taken my old laptop somewhere around an hour and a half. This beast spit out that rendering in LESS THAN A MINUTE. Still, it's too bad that Sketchup isn't configured for multithreading support. Oh well. I love this. I had a dream the day before this came in the mail that I had a computer problem and Dad told me to throw my (old) laptop away. It made me laugh. Also, orange Detonator tires are on the Moto now and the brakes are finally working well. I'd be riding it more, but it's COLD outside. Moreso than usual for sure. It has already snowed twice! Through admittedly it didn't really stick either time.

Renderings (very basic and un-touched-up or tweaked) for your perusal. I kind of fell in love with VRay's fish-eye camera setting the night I did these. The horrible weird shapes on top are supposed to be ferns, or some type of growy-things. Didn't work so well. Anyway...

Blog Post:
The hearings on the American Auto Industry bailout...
1. CEOs of the Big Three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) get railed (and rightfully so) for coming to beg for money in private jets.
2. Congress urges CEOs to "jetpool" or maybe consider the irony of their actions. "The American taxpayer doesn’t have any business subsidizing this failure." OUCH.
3. Congress tells Big Three to come up with a believable plan for where the money would go while they take a break to eat some Turkey.
More on all that ^ later.

Watching: Top Gear Season 12, Episode 4 and a very very honorable mention to Stranger than Fiction... Excellent movie, one of the best I've seen in a while.

Listening: Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak. Especially "Amazing" "Coldest Winter" and "See You in My Nightmares." I'm wondering if Vocorder and Auto-tune are just a fad or here to stay... Jury's still out for me on how I feel about them.

Passwords and Images

I guess that posting links to images doesn't work too well if those images happen to be in a password protected directory... I'll fix that in a bit, but speaking of images that are tough to get your hands on... Flickr. One of the most helpful computer tips I have given a lot of my friends is how to pull images that are otherwise copyrighted off of that wonderful photo-sharing website.

Say you're looking for a picture of mountains, and you search it... one of the first results that comes up is this beautiful picture...

But right-click on it and try to save it and what do you get? Spaceball.gif... oh man, did I struggle with spaceball for a while. This is especially tough when you're doing an architecture project and all the best pictures of the building you're researching are like this. So here's how to get that image here...

It's very easy. On the flickr page with the image that you want to grab, right click in a blank area and hit "View Page Source". This will open up a new window with a bunch of html code that you most likely don't understand. What you're looking at is the guts of the page, and the image is in there somewhere. To find it, start by hitting "CTRL+F" (the 'find' command) and typing "spaceball" which is the thing it's putting over top of the image to keep you from getting to it. Once it finds spaceball, and there should only be one result, scroll horizontally left from it and you should see the URL of the image. It will look something like this...

<img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/176/471756134_868a828b08.jpg?v=0" alt="Glass House Mountains by bridgepix." title="" width="500" height="333"
Now copy and past that URL into a new tab or window in your browser.
Voila! Now you can right-click and save image as all you want...

The Dream Garage

I really hurt my foot today when the chain derailled on the Moto... so I'll make a car list, to be updated whenever... I've been meaning to do this for a while, for my own weird reasons.

In no particular order... my dream cars within some amount of reason...  Here I kept it to what can be had for $35,000 or less.  Some of these would obviously be used.

I'm sure I'll add to this list, and I promise I had no idea until I was ordering these how absurdly high the ratio of BMWs to everything else is.  I never really considered myself as THAT much of a BMW fan, but I guess I should...

Moto is Finished for Now

Finished the Moto today. It took a lot longer to finish than I expected, and it will continue to be a project for me, but at this point it's pretty much done. Crappy cell phone pictures...

Busy Week

Busy week... Test, site visit for a project, etc. News most exciting is probably that I'm going skiing in Canada at Tremblant. Except, I'm not, or at least I'm worried that that'll become the case. So many things like this always look like they are going to work out for me and then don't. Today the trip went from being full-on to on hiatus, and that pisses me off, as one of our "for totally sure going" guys dropped on us. I really couldn't care less who I go with, I just want to ski... And I doubt anybody I can get to go would be able to keep up anyway. I miss my skis... Wish they were here right now, I'd hot wax them tomorrow. I went to see "James Bond: Quantum of Solace" tonight... and it sucked. I had heard that, but I really wanted to see the AM DBS scene from the trailer, so that led me to go ahead and go... Except what stinks is that I got there like 5 mins after the movie started, during the opening credits. That scene is the opening one of the movie... Before the opening credits. So I missed it. This was directed by the guy who did the Bourne films, or at least one of them, and I didn't like it, film-wise, for the same reasons. The camera panned WAYYYY too much, and much of what was in the action scenes was in constant blur because of the speed of the panning. Many of the shots during these scenes were considerably less than a second long, and I really don't like that. You have got to have time to register what is going on to follow what's happening in an action scene. There is also way too much unbelievable this and that in the movie, and that sours things as well.

I need to clean my room, although contrary to popular misconception, those clothes all over the floor are in fact clean, and just await the day when I take the time to fold them.
Tomorrow I should finish earning the Motobecane and be able to fix it up by quitting time at 1304. I'm really excited about that. I'm also excited about two packages that come in this week (both probably on Wednesday). One is my new laptop (!) and one is a pair of orange and black Maxxis Detonators for the bike.

To bed. Later.

Listening: Jack White and Alicia Keys - Another Way to Die
Watching: The Dark Knight



A list of things to give you an idea of where the Moto project is heading...

It's similar to this now... Add white magnesium pedals...

Yellow tires, maybe these Michelins.

A white seat, but not this one because I only wish I could afford it... Similar maybe?

Finally, some light pursuit bars wrapped with white grips...

Oh, and maybe a white chain to top it all off...

Can we tell I'm getting excited? I won't be able to work on it Thursday, though, as I'll be headed towards home to go to a service honoring a good friend's father who recently passed. From talking to Suzanne...
me: i know, i wish i could even start to sympathize but i just can't imagine losing one of my parents at this point... mine are starting to get old though... it's so weird to see my dad who i once thought was like he-man writhing in back pain and unable to do much about it... i suppose it's something we're all going to have to deal with sooner or later, she just has the misfortune of having to deal with it sooner than most

Jess, my very deepest condolences...


I want to start by saying that 1304 bikes is AMAZING. I went today and fell in love with a Motobecane, a beautiful one, metallic navy and my favorite detail is the rear brake cable actually running through the upper bar of the frame. I have to work 4h45m total to "earn" it, 4 of which I got out of the way today. Low and behold when I am working helping a guy bring a couple of bikes from his car as donations, one is a Trek 4500, and it ends up that I'm working to earn that one as well. 7h30m maybe what I was quoted on that one? Anyway, a great operation and definitely more on that later. For now, my nightly theraputic photoshopping was looking at fun colors for tires for the Motobecane, as a guy at the shop is giving me some free 700c wheels in a couple of weeks when he replaces his, and I will need tires, which happen to come in these colors...

First picture is the bike as it is now (or close, this isn't the actual one). The ones after are roughly what I'd like for it to look like when it's finished, though I really want some pursuit/bullhorn bars instead of the classic drop bars that I don't really like that much...

More on all this later, I'm hitting the sack.

You Don’t Need Me - Ravi Krishnaswami of Sacred Noise in New York and Steve Kolander of J. Walter Thompson in Atlanta composed it especially for Norfolk Southern, this ad:

full song:
right click, save link as to download


RIAA+MPAA Thursday

Really, Thursday has nothing to do with the RIAA or the MPAA, or Joe Biden; I just felt like bringing up a point that will be much closer to heart for a lot of people my age shortly after this coming January 20th.  Let me lead into this by saying that I have nothing against Joe... (the VP elect, not to be confused with the now-infamous plumber).  However, though he manages to be a pretty hip guy (sometimes even evoking a Tiger Woods-esque manner in his mechanics)...

...he is still pushing 67, which means he's older than my parents (though by scarily little), which means that he knows about as much about computers and the revolution in online product and file distribution as I know about being a US Senator, which I'm afraid is pitifully little.  However, not knowing much about the issues at hand has never kept a good politician from taking a stance on things (see: George W. Bushi.e. the "War on Terror"), so as many people know, Joe has taken a hearty little stand against online piracy and p2p file sharing.  Carrying the RIAA around on one shoulder and the MPAA on the other, Joe has shown commitment to resolving rampant online theft by supporting things like:

---after this passed, Joe was one of only four Senators invited to a swanky champagne ceremony with a bunch of other politicians who totally appear to be quite tech-savvy.

and, well, a bunch of other things, including some that didn't pass and some that did.  I'm not writing a scholarly paper here (thank God), so if you want more info please just read this cnet news article. While you're at it, check out a letter he wrote to John Ashcroft encouraging him to "vigilantly enforce intellectual property laws on the internet."

My point in directing you to all this is simply that I'm interested to see whether the actions the new presidential duo will take towards eliminating illegal file sharing and copyright infringement will come from Biden's classical, conservative outlook on things or Obama's "we need to look at a new approach and possibly take a new perspective on things" sort of demeanor.  Who will Obama choose as his CTO?  Or has he already picked one?  And how much will Biden and his outlook on things influence Obama?

I am patiently waiting to find out.

until tomorrow...

PS, if you hit all of those links you deserve a cookie.
PPS, I think I have sinusitis.  Yuck.

Election: Some People...

I would like to append to yesterday's happy-go-lucky post about the election that I am deeply disappointed by the reactions of many of my peers to the results of the election. Now, a university is above all things a haven of free speech, but some people are just plain ignorant, and there is no softer way to put that. Personally, I couldn't care less whether you, as a fellow student, supported McCain or Obama... But please keep your closed-minded, impatent and immoral snap-judgments to yourself, because it just so happens that there are those of us out here who know better and care not to hear your sophomoric complaints.

The main hock of meat behind what I'm talking about here is the explosion of Facebook statuses following the announcement of the winner in the presidential race last night. For those of you outside the loop, Facebook has a feature where you can basically put in a snippet about what you're doing right now, etc, and there is an area where you can view status updates from all your friends. Anyway, around 11 last night there was an absolute explosion of statuses from across the spectrum. If you're saying something nice, that's fine. If you're expressing disappointment, that's fine. But please...

___ _____ can't believe American's voted Obama to be our next President when he HATES this COUNTRY!!!!! I am going to DIE bc I am WHITE!!!!!! Off to write my will.

___ _____ is change is here.... to being F***D! buckle up America it's gonna be a shitty 4 years! F**K OBAMA.

___ _____ thinks that everyone who voted for obama is an idiot.

___ _____ is applying for a passport and buying a one way ticket out of this country!

___ _____ cant wait until this shit is over so everyone will shut up about it already!! im moving to canada..

___ _____ is god help us all....

Even worse than this is what some people awoke this morning to see while passing through the Free Expression Tunnel here at State (spray painting is allowed in the tunnel). Apparently there was some really nasty racism with extremely offensive comments and images in reference to Obama. Whoever might be behind that, what did you hope to accomplish? Did you follow the election enough to know that Wake County, the one that NC State is part of, went Blue? Did you know that more people here support Obama than McCain? I hope that they find out who you are and remove you from the North Carolina higher education system, so that I might look forward to seeing you in a job that is far-removed from input in the political system; preferably doing something like cleaning the bathrooms in the Capitol Building so that maybe over time you might open your mind and learn a thing or two.

I am ashamed to call some of you who are acting so immaturely my friends, and if you are so distressed that you want to leave this great nation over a new leader who elicited almost record-breaking amounts of supporters, please go. The American University system, and indeed the nation in general, can do without your ignorance, thinly disguised racism and ill-informed political opinions.

As for me...  I appear to be sick.  No, not sick of the above, but actually sick.  I literally have no voice unless I'm whispering, and I'm quite congested, but somehow I'm not really feeling sick sick.  Oh well.  Not a bad day, but it will probably be a late night.

Watching: CNN, duh
Listening: Donovan - Catch the Wind...  He sounds like a cross of Sonny from Sonny and Cher and Dylan...

'till tomorrow...

The Election

ZOMG. I am SO excited right now. From the other end of the screen that might sound like sarcasm, but I can assure you that it is not.

The first thing I got excited about tonight was CNN's hologram technology. Did you see this? Wha?How? This technology is like, 4 days old. I read about it not long ago and it was breaking news.

Crazy, crazy.
Anyway, that's nothing compared to the big news...

OBAMA WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. There are so many things about this election that make me happy I am going to have to make a list:

Obama as President, [D]
Kay Hagain as NC US Senator [D]
Bev Perdue as NC Governor [D]
Democrats in control of the US Senate
Democrats in control of the US House of Representatives
The fact that Obama will have the chance to appoint 3 - 5 Supreme Court Justices to the bench. Which is, unheard of.

I can't believe that all these things worked out in unison... It's like finally finding the prize after digging through a box of stale cracker jacks for eight years looking for it.

To Do 11/03/08

More for me than for you...

Study for Rand Test
Watch Election Results come in
Research for Studio due Wednesday - Wind Turbines and Batteries
Get Mail
Case Study Project - Site Visit, Illustrations, Presentation
Work on House Plan
Study for 331 Test and go to Labs

I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty.

Monday, Nofunday

Photo of the day: Julius Shulman's famous shot of Pierre Koenig's famous Case Study House #22. I just can't get enough of this one.

An uneventful day after a pretty good weekend... Actually as good a weekend as I could have asked for without a longer time slot.

Friday night (Halloween) consisted of a jaunt to Durham in an attempt to see friends at UNC (this turned out to be too complicated to work out), then back to State to see what was going on at Ashe Street (have we given that house a name?) then back to the room before too late.

Saturday morning was a relatively early one to make it to Rocky Mount in time to play paintball for my first time. This was a lot of fun, and I wasn't bad for a beginner. I stopped at 3:35pm though (later than I should have) to head home to early vote by 5:00.

View Larger Map

That's basically the route, and despite all bets being against me I made it JUST under the wire (as in <1 min), to be probably the last person to early vote in Fayetteville. Go Obama!

Sunday was both momentous and uneventful, in that not much happened, but I did finally get to order a new computer, which should be here in a little over 2 weeks.
If you're interested in those details...
Sager NP9262
2.83 GHz Quad-Core Intel Q9550
4gb RAM (though XP Pro 32-bit only recognizes 3.4ish)
NVidia GeForce 9800M GTX 1gb
17" 1920x1200 screen
200gb HDD
VERY excited about that one.

Monday... not much. We talked in studio about reducing the size of my floor plan to conform to the new Solar Decathlon rules. Or maybe the possibility of changing the rules. They really don't make much sense... Now, I have GOT to study for a test I have tomorrow.

Blog Post: Final Gear on the Top Gear Season 12 Premiere
Watching: Top Gear Season 12, Episode 01
Listening: Band of Horses - The Funeral

'Til Tomorrow...

First Post

Well, I had one of these once before, and I have to admit that I kind of miss being able to look back on what I was doing at any one point in time, no matter how insignificant things tend to be. That said, I think it can be expected that most of the updates on here will be short and concise... the less time I spend on things I don't need to be doing, the better.

I will try to include a couple of features...  these may change over time based on who's reading this and what they want to know.  For now, I'll outline them as:

1. Blog Post of the Day - not mine, of course.
2. What I'm watching.
3. What I'm listening to.
4. A picture...  More likely to be relevent when the new computer comes.

So, there you go.  Enjoy, whoever you may be...