Removing stupid NoFS tags

So if you happen to be downloading a mixtape or other legally exchanged album over bittorrent, and that album happens to be tagged with a NoFS image in the ID3 tags where the album art should go, here's how to remove it...

First, you CAN'T just go into "Get Info" that's what I tried first and it doesn't work.
Second, don't bother using another program like AOL's WinAmp... waste of time.
Third, follow these steps:
----- Select the whole album with "CTRL+click" or "SHIFT+click"
----- Right click on one of the songs and click "Convert ID3 Tags"
----- Check the box next to "ID3 tag version"
----- Drop down ID3 tag version and select V1.0
----- If that doesn't work (it did for me), select "None" in the drop down menu instead, then OK, than go back and do it again, selecting V1.0 this time. You may have to correct the song/album/artist name if you do it this way though.

Then just add the album art yourself by dragging an image over from the mixtape or album's page on Amazon or your place of choice.

Speaking of mixtapes, Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 is out now...
Check it out...

Happy Turkey Day guys.

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Andy said...

It worked thanks