The Election

ZOMG. I am SO excited right now. From the other end of the screen that might sound like sarcasm, but I can assure you that it is not.

The first thing I got excited about tonight was CNN's hologram technology. Did you see this? Wha?How? This technology is like, 4 days old. I read about it not long ago and it was breaking news.

Crazy, crazy.
Anyway, that's nothing compared to the big news...

OBAMA WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. There are so many things about this election that make me happy I am going to have to make a list:

Obama as President, [D]
Kay Hagain as NC US Senator [D]
Bev Perdue as NC Governor [D]
Democrats in control of the US Senate
Democrats in control of the US House of Representatives
The fact that Obama will have the chance to appoint 3 - 5 Supreme Court Justices to the bench. Which is, unheard of.

I can't believe that all these things worked out in unison... It's like finally finding the prize after digging through a box of stale cracker jacks for eight years looking for it.

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