Sunday, Sunday

I have lots of work to do. Why is it that I always post when I need to be writing something that actually counts towards being productive? Oh well. If Thanksgiving Break could work its way in BEFORE Tuesday... that'd be great.

News? NEW COMPUTER! WAUUGHILOVEITSOMUCHAMAZINGNESS. I would like to point out that rendering a Sketchup model at 1280x960 in VRay would have taken my old laptop somewhere around an hour and a half. This beast spit out that rendering in LESS THAN A MINUTE. Still, it's too bad that Sketchup isn't configured for multithreading support. Oh well. I love this. I had a dream the day before this came in the mail that I had a computer problem and Dad told me to throw my (old) laptop away. It made me laugh. Also, orange Detonator tires are on the Moto now and the brakes are finally working well. I'd be riding it more, but it's COLD outside. Moreso than usual for sure. It has already snowed twice! Through admittedly it didn't really stick either time.

Renderings (very basic and un-touched-up or tweaked) for your perusal. I kind of fell in love with VRay's fish-eye camera setting the night I did these. The horrible weird shapes on top are supposed to be ferns, or some type of growy-things. Didn't work so well. Anyway...

Blog Post:
The hearings on the American Auto Industry bailout...
1. CEOs of the Big Three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) get railed (and rightfully so) for coming to beg for money in private jets.
2. Congress urges CEOs to "jetpool" or maybe consider the irony of their actions. "The American taxpayer doesn’t have any business subsidizing this failure." OUCH.
3. Congress tells Big Three to come up with a believable plan for where the money would go while they take a break to eat some Turkey.
More on all that ^ later.

Watching: Top Gear Season 12, Episode 4 and a very very honorable mention to Stranger than Fiction... Excellent movie, one of the best I've seen in a while.

Listening: Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak. Especially "Amazing" "Coldest Winter" and "See You in My Nightmares." I'm wondering if Vocorder and Auto-tune are just a fad or here to stay... Jury's still out for me on how I feel about them.

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