New Investment...

So I found this bike somewhere to-be-unnamed on the internets... A Cannondale Prophet 600 in need of some TLC, up for sale for $600 and included in the sale is an 80s Cannondale road bike. Pretty sweet find if you ask me, even though the bike (Prophet) needs new cranks, new front derailleur and wheel straightening or possibly new (disc-brake-ready) wheels. Actually now that I type that out it seems like kind of a lot, but at least the plan at this point is to buy the bike and try to repair it and turn it for a profit, however much I'm sure I'll want to keep it by the time it's ready to be sold. If I play my cards right I may get to keep the road bike as a party favor, but I'm not counting on it. At this point it's an insurance plan in case I can't get as much for the Prophet as I want upon its sale. I'm very serious about this... Unless he sells it out from under me the bike should be in my hands some time shortly after new year's... Anyway, here's some eye candy...

Hey! Christmas is day after tomorrow...
Happy Holidays to everybody!


Archiculture Film

It's been quite a while...

Check this one out: Archiculture Film.

Christmas is going to be interesting/anticlimactic this year. I just know. No one has any ideas for anyone else in my family. Blah. I'm going to bed.

From Archiculture... - Big Coat - Love Is Not In Love - Words of the Wise

Check them ^ out. I PROMISE you will like them.


PS, the "2000 Trek 4500, XS frame" I had for sale has morphed itself into a "2005 Specialized Hard Rock Sport, Large frame" complete with original price tag as evidence that it really hasn't even been ridden and an Andrew Jackson to spare. I'm so clever.

Oh boy...

So here was the final product on that poster...

I finished earning the Trek 4500 today at 1304 Bikes.

Got a SWEET new saddle too... A Concor Supercorsa Confort... It's comfy and, even better than that, is made of real terra cotta red Italian leather that is as smooth as any I've felt... I love the way it is wrapped so nicely around the bottom and not just stapled in a wrinkled mess like most seats.

I think I'm going to get some new tires again... I'm such a sucker for those. Most likely some slicks like these, which also happen to be dirt cheap compared to road bike tires...

Some day I'll save up enough to throw down for a Nikon D90 and then you guys will always have good pictures and not cell phone ones... In other news, I have an exam... today... And I'm kind of freaking out about it.

Listening: Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
^good stuff


change in plans
more renderings to come
Long way to go still...

Renderings here. They look messy on the edges because they're PNGs... I'll not elaborate.

The final week...

And so begins a week of pure Hell. Final review Wednesday, ARC432 Presentation (yet to be done) Thursday, Studio final submittals Friday, exams all the following week. According to my calculations I have about 32 hours of work to do in the next 36 hours. There's also about 6 hours of class in there. Better get to work.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

See you on the flip side.