I want to start by saying that 1304 bikes is AMAZING. I went today and fell in love with a Motobecane, a beautiful one, metallic navy and my favorite detail is the rear brake cable actually running through the upper bar of the frame. I have to work 4h45m total to "earn" it, 4 of which I got out of the way today. Low and behold when I am working helping a guy bring a couple of bikes from his car as donations, one is a Trek 4500, and it ends up that I'm working to earn that one as well. 7h30m maybe what I was quoted on that one? Anyway, a great operation and definitely more on that later. For now, my nightly theraputic photoshopping was looking at fun colors for tires for the Motobecane, as a guy at the shop is giving me some free 700c wheels in a couple of weeks when he replaces his, and I will need tires, which happen to come in these colors...

First picture is the bike as it is now (or close, this isn't the actual one). The ones after are roughly what I'd like for it to look like when it's finished, though I really want some pursuit/bullhorn bars instead of the classic drop bars that I don't really like that much...

More on all this later, I'm hitting the sack.

You Don’t Need Me - Ravi Krishnaswami of Sacred Noise in New York and Steve Kolander of J. Walter Thompson in Atlanta composed it especially for Norfolk Southern, this ad:

full song:
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