Busy Week

Busy week... Test, site visit for a project, etc. News most exciting is probably that I'm going skiing in Canada at Tremblant. Except, I'm not, or at least I'm worried that that'll become the case. So many things like this always look like they are going to work out for me and then don't. Today the trip went from being full-on to on hiatus, and that pisses me off, as one of our "for totally sure going" guys dropped on us. I really couldn't care less who I go with, I just want to ski... And I doubt anybody I can get to go would be able to keep up anyway. I miss my skis... Wish they were here right now, I'd hot wax them tomorrow. I went to see "James Bond: Quantum of Solace" tonight... and it sucked. I had heard that, but I really wanted to see the AM DBS scene from the trailer, so that led me to go ahead and go... Except what stinks is that I got there like 5 mins after the movie started, during the opening credits. That scene is the opening one of the movie... Before the opening credits. So I missed it. This was directed by the guy who did the Bourne films, or at least one of them, and I didn't like it, film-wise, for the same reasons. The camera panned WAYYYY too much, and much of what was in the action scenes was in constant blur because of the speed of the panning. Many of the shots during these scenes were considerably less than a second long, and I really don't like that. You have got to have time to register what is going on to follow what's happening in an action scene. There is also way too much unbelievable this and that in the movie, and that sours things as well.

I need to clean my room, although contrary to popular misconception, those clothes all over the floor are in fact clean, and just await the day when I take the time to fold them.
Tomorrow I should finish earning the Motobecane and be able to fix it up by quitting time at 1304. I'm really excited about that. I'm also excited about two packages that come in this week (both probably on Wednesday). One is my new laptop (!) and one is a pair of orange and black Maxxis Detonators for the bike.

To bed. Later.

Listening: Jack White and Alicia Keys - Another Way to Die
Watching: The Dark Knight


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