First Post

Well, I had one of these once before, and I have to admit that I kind of miss being able to look back on what I was doing at any one point in time, no matter how insignificant things tend to be. That said, I think it can be expected that most of the updates on here will be short and concise... the less time I spend on things I don't need to be doing, the better.

I will try to include a couple of features...  these may change over time based on who's reading this and what they want to know.  For now, I'll outline them as:

1. Blog Post of the Day - not mine, of course.
2. What I'm watching.
3. What I'm listening to.
4. A picture...  More likely to be relevent when the new computer comes.

So, there you go.  Enjoy, whoever you may be...

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