It's been a while, huh? Skiing was awesome, though anybody could have guessed that... I've been busy lately, but I really don't feel like doing a recap.

Today a girl walked out in front of me without looking while I was riding... I locked up the brakes and laid the bike down sideways to keep from hitting her / oncoming traffic. I'm completely fine, and so was she even though the bike bumped into her as it came to a rest sideways on the pavement. Girl, didn't your mom ever teach you to look both ways before crossing the street? Good thing I wasn't a quiet car or something, she might be seriously injured. This fall scratched the Cannondale... Not too bad but I was bummed all day because of it. I've grown pretty attached to this bike. Speaking of, a new Jamis Coda may be on the way soon, but I might have ruined my chances at getting it. Long story.

There is road salt and grime from the snow all over it... Bath soon...

PS, when it's not dirty it looks like this...


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