The Motherload...

I'm sitting here in my room at the Pension going through thousands upon thousands of pictures from our trip. I think there are around 10,000 total. I'm trying to narrow it down to 500 or so right now. I bit the bullet and bought a Flickr Pro account to upload everything to, and hopefully I'll be able to do that from the Institute later today. Expect a ton of pictures in chronological order from the trip to show up on my Flickr account within the next 8 hours or so.


Okay I've been doing this ALL day and I'm only to Rome, so it will be tomorrow when the pictures go up, but they'll be there some time tomorrow.

Uploading is slow here, so it will take a few installments to get everything up, but the first 100 or so are up now and more are coming. There is a collection called "Tour de Europe, 2009" and within that are sets for the various locations. Here's a link.


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