Week of February 11 - February 15, 2013

This week, a contract was finally put in place between the owner and the general contractor for the day care renovation. After lengthy discussions with both parties, it was decided upon that the $6,000 increase on the electrical subcontract would be covered by way of the $5,000 miscellaneous allowance in the existing contract plus an additional $1,000 change order. This way, the original contract price is only increasing marginally - on the downside, however, this agreement leaves us without a cushion to fall back upon if any change orders or unforeseen additional work is needed. The contract was filled out with the new date and amount, and sent to the contractor via email to sign. The signed contract was then faxed to me. I verified that the contractor's information was correct and then forwarded the document to the owner to sign. I retained this original document and sent copies to both parties. In the meantime, the sprinkler contractor (who established his own contract with the owner before making an initial materials purchase months ago) has completed the sprinkler system installation on the second floor, and will be moving to the first floor next week.

We also sent a proposal to the private school in Fayetteville this week for creating plans for their requested enclosure between two buildings. We have not yet heard back from them regarding the proposal.

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