Some more photos for you all...

I spent the last few hours, between dinner and now, getting photos in order and sorting through new and old ones for those I felt would be most interesting to everybody following us here. As for the detailed accounts, I'm behind on those because I haven't really had any down time the past few days other than what I just used to go through pictures. However, Corey and I are leaving in the morning to head to Venice, so I'll have a good three hour train ride to write down happenings from Zurich, Como, and here in Milan. Anyway, no more excuses, here are some photos. Enjoy!

In order they are...
Us on top of the Duomo in Milan.
Us on a crappy train to Milan from Como, just before I realized I didn't have my wallet.
The Duomo in Milan.
The Duomo in Milan.
The Duomo in Milan.
Frankfurt train station.
Corey comes to the realization that he doesn't have his EuRail pass with him in Europe.

They are in reverse time/date order, but I don't feel like correcting it now. I'm headed to bed...

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